It’s a well-known fact that it costs over 5 times more to get new customers than it does to retain them; and that the average cost of replacing an employee is around 33% of their annual salary, so it is more important than ever to invest in the right strategies now to ensure that your customers and employees remain valued and loyal.

Stream Rewards offers a reward software platform for the management of membership benefits and rewards programmes. The platform, along with our exclusive Reward Shop provides a full service, one-stop-shop for all your reward and membership benefits needs. Stream believe that the fulfilment of rewards and benefits should be a stress-free, easy process with minimal administration required from you.

Reward their Loyalty

Rewarding your Employees or Customers using the RewardStream® Reward Shop is as easy as 1, 2, 3; our Reward Shop allows you to give Customers or Employees access to a specific reward, a choice of rewards or you can select a chosen value for them to spend within the Reward Shop.

1- Allocate and Invite

Just let us know who you want to invite and how many points you want to give them or which tier of reward they can choose from and we can do the rest.  With a range of technologies we can invite people to redeem their rewards via email, SMS, QR code, personalised web link or even by post.

2- Redeem and Fulfil

Your guests will need to create an account and choose which reward they want to redeem. Full details of each reward will be available including delivery notes, terms and conditions and images. Stream Rewards will fulfil all items from product to gift cards to concierge travel bookings. 

3- Support and Analyse

We are here to support you every step of the way. The platform is simple to use and to administer so we can do as much or as little as you need us to. You will receive full reporting on all aspects of your solution from financial and KPI's to engagement and reward redemption.

Reward Categories

Working with a number of partners, we are able to offer a huge range of products, experiences and benefits to excite and reward your audience.




Gift Cards


Your Products

For more information on the rewards available, please visit the Reward Shop website or speak with one of our dedicated reward team members who will be able to put together a bespoke package to suit your specific requirements.

Incentivising changed behaviours, rewarding customers and thanking employees for their hard work provides a healthy Return-on-Investment.

Help your Members do more with their money

RewardStream® can help your members whether they be customers or employees save £££s with the hundreds of offers and discounts available from brands that they love, all available 24/7.

The Stream Rewards membership benefits module can provide a stand-alone solution or underpin a wider loyalty programme to deliver great offers to your customers or employees.

Benefits and Offers

The choice is vast and ranges from Merlin Attractions at up to 50% off, supermarket gift cards, up to 40% off movie streaming, Virgin gift experiences, Apple discounts, technology and travel offers as well as a wide range of high street gift cards.

Prize Draw

You can choose to include the prize draw module which allows you to create prize draws for any time period. The prize draw will automatically select the winners at random when the prize draw finishes and send them an email. You can choose the number of winners for each draw and amend the creative and text. There are also options to allow users to increase their number of entries to the prize draw based on engagement with the platform.

Surprise and Delight

To further increase engagement and usage of the platform we provide surprise and delight options ranging from simple ‘win’ options when you register to selecting a number of people each month or quarter to receive a seasonal prize through the post.


The happier the member of staff is,
the more productive we all are.



The customer facing website will be branded to match your own guidelines and configured to display the relevant messaging. With the benefits module, you can have up to three extra pages unique to your audience featuring content, creative or featured offers.



Customer access to the site can be dealt with in numerous ways, whether it is inviting customers by email or post, sending a physical membership card with a unique customer number or QR code, sending a digital loyalty card or sending a printed invitation.



We are ISO27001 and ISO9001 compliant, GDPR-compliant as well as encrypting personal data, so we take the stress out of data management for you. We also have a dedicated team of product testers who regularly ensure the platform is performing to its best.



Offers will be configured to display in your preferred style. Prior to launch you will be able to select which offers you require on the site. If there are any extra offers you have these can be added also. Featured offers will be selected for the first month and then these will change monthly to suit specific deals or months.

Prize Draws

Prize Draws

Prize draws can be turned on or off. They can be set up to run according to your required dates and one person/account will be automatically selected as the winner at the end of each period. Prizes are charged as extra to the programme.

Engagement Score

Engagement Score

Based on our experience, we use extensive algorithms to create a score for each customer based on their programme engagement and their profile strength. This enhances the customer view and can be used to further segment customers where you are providing multiple campaigns.



All of our products are provided with an instance of Sendgrid which is a marketing automation platform that will be used to deliver all email communications. The platform provides full tracking of all communications so that you can measure engagement and value.

End-User Dashboard

End-User Dashboard

Each end-user will be able to track their savings, prize draw entries and membership history through their account profile and dashboard.



Your stakeholders and programme managers will all have access to an administration layer where they can view reports, dashboards and access the single customer view. The administration layer will provide visibility of the ROI, as well as the ability to dive into specific customer accounts to view engagement.

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Stream Rewards is brought to you by tech-enabled consultancy Stream. We work to understand your business, your challenges, your audience, and your stakeholders, so that we can craft a solution that will deliver a continued return-on-investment.
We are committed to delivering ongoing value and we don’t walk away once the project has been implemented. Your account team will be on hand to answer any questions. Our product testers continue to test your platform every month to ensure that it is continuing to perform at its best. Our analysis team will continue to provide you with reports on the return on investment and any recommendations for improvements.


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